Reflections on the Semester

I’ll admit that I was unsure about this course at the start.  I took it because I thought it would be useful, but I wasn’t sure how much I would really like it.  However, I found that I learned more than I expected and I really enjoyed myself in the process.

Though I was familiar with some of the platforms discussed, it helped streamline my educational process.  The formation of  PLN was something I would never have thought to officially create, but doing so helped me reflect on where and how I can gain knowledge to help with my career and interests.

The weeks we spent covering instruction were something I definitely needed.  Instructing has never been my strong suit, but I feel like I gained valuable skills to improve.  I was also able to examine how and why I fail in certain instructional situations, how I can improve, and why I don’t enjoy instruction.

It’s so important for libraries of all kinds to stay current when it comes to new technologies and the digital world.  However, it seems as if this idea isn’t always given the attention it should.  The Library 2.0 project gave me an opportunity to examine what I and my group felt was important for a library to keep up with and give them an opportunity to do so.  That was by far one of my favorite parts of the class.  Being able to conduct a real world program was an invaluable experience.

The knowledge and skills I have gained in this class will serve me better than I ever expected.  I’m definitely glad I took it.


One response

  1. I agree, Kim. It’s funny to look back: a lot of my motivation for taking this class was that it would give me answers to some of the questions that were stumping me in job interviews, and be a fairly comfortable way to meet some of the SLIS tech competencies. I guess I thought the barrier was a bit high, if I had to study coding.

    Now it occurs to me that a lot of library staff and users have some of the same fears about the learning curve for new tech skills. Now, having witnessed and participated and designed courses to introduce some easy-ish Web 2.0 tools, I understand more about how to offer to others some of what I experienced in this class.

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