Personal Learning Network

My PLN can also be downloaded as a PDF

Goals Statement:

My online personal network will enable me to gain knowledge in the field outlined in my Defined Scope. In order to do this, each resource will educate me in at least one of the following areas:

  • Best practices in youth services
  • Best practices in public libraries
  • Successes and failures in youth centered programming in public libraries.
  • New and popular work in the world of young adult literature.
  • Advocacy for youth, youth services, and young adult literature.
  • Job availabilities in my chosen field.

Defined Scope:

My aim is to work in Youth Services in a public library in north-western Missouri. More specifically, I would like to create and maintain youth-centered programming and services and/or work in a youth reader’s advisory role. Therefore, most of my resources are specific to youth programming and services, though many also cover public libraries or librarianship in general. Since my aim is to gain employment in that area, several of the resources also include information about job hunting.

Resource Network:


Library list on Twitter
This is a list of the Twitter accounts of several library journals and associations including YALSA, ALA, Library Journal, and Library Beat. This is a way to easily access the articles they post from their websites, as well as ones they link from other sources.

YA Authors list on Twitter
This is a list of the Twitter accounts of several YA authors. This is a way to keep up with their latest work, work they like, and resources they choose to share that are related to YA literature.

Library Jobs list on Twitter
This is a list of the Twiter accounts of several library job list sites, including ALA Joblist and LibGig. Since I will soon be leaving my current job and moving to a new areas, this will be helpful while job hunting.

YA Saves hashtag
This hashtag was created after Laurie Halse Anderson’s book Speak was challenged in Republic, MO. Those using it post stories of how YA literature changed their lives. It’s excellent fodder for YA advocacy.


PUBYAC listserv
This is a listserv that discusses topics surrounding youth services in public libraries. This is helpful in learning about issues, solutions, practices, programming, etc. from others working in that field.

Youth Service Corner
This blog is written for librarians who work with youth. The resource link lists and spotlights are especially useful in finding new things.

This is the blog for the Young Adult Library Services Association, with posts by it’s members. The posts cover the latest topics in youth services.

Networks and Organizations

Public Library group on Library 2.0
This is a discussion group for people interested in web 2.0 in the public library setting.

Youth Services group on Library 2.0
This is a discussion group for people interested in programming and services for youth.

Young Adult Library Services Association
This is the association for those who work in or are interested in youth services.

Online Publications

This is the Voice of Youth Advocates online magazine. Its articles include resources for youth services librarians, support for advocating for young adults, and promotion for young adult literature.

Problem-Solving/PLN in Action:

One of the challenges that comes with working with youth is the bias against them that is often present in other patrons and staff members. Even if this bias isn’t overt animosity, teens are still often viewed with suspicion. Advocating for the teens and their programs and services is a common part of the job. Recently, I read a post on the YALSA blog about having the teens themselves engage in the advocacy for their services. The post discussed ways teens can help and listed some resources and examples. In the future, I expect the issue of advocacy will continue to be important. The information and ideas I can receive from my network will provide education and ideas on the best way to accomplish this.

Network Maintenance Plan:

This PLN will certainly be evolving. Until recently, I’d never created an official PLN. This is my first attempt so I imagine it will need some adjusting as my needs change or I come across new resources. For example, it’s unlikely I’ll need the job search resources once I am able to obtain employment in my new location, so those resources will be removed. I plan to add new resources as I come across them. Twice a year I will evaluate the existing resources to see if I think they are still useful. Currently the two most useful platforms for using my network are Twitter and Google Reader. Obviously, I am able to access my Twitter lists through Twitter. The rest of my resources, with the exception of the listserv, can be accessed through Google Reader.


3 responses

  1. Kim, thanks for sharing these resources.

  2. Shannon Sedell | Reply

    I had not heard about the Public Libraries 2.0 before reading your post. Thank you so much for sharing this group in your PLN. I too am moving in the public library direction and this will be a valuable resource.

  3. Thanks for the YA links, Kim, that was totally lacking from my PLN.

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