Digital Storytelling

Have come of age during a time when digital content was fairly ubiquitous in schools, businesses, and personal life, this topic is yet another that I’d never really thought about before.  I simply took it for granted.  From videos on youtube, to webinars for work, to presentations for classes, I’m constantly encountering digital stories.  After reading the article on digital storytelling, I began to consider exactly how much of an impact it has on how we related to each other.  7 things you should know about…Digital Storytelling states, “For digital storytelling to be an important component of higher education, it must provide what other tools lack, including an effective integration of technology with learning, an emotional connection to content, and increased ease of sharing content.”

Online schooling is an excellent example.  Though our classes could easily be conducted solely using written material, the learning experience would be stunted.  Being able to watch videos, presentations and other digital stories created by my professors and fellow students has created a more rich learning environment.  In a current class, we were asked to put together a video tour of a library in our area.  We were able to experience our classmate’s libraries in a way that wouldn’t be possible from reading a written report.

Though digital storytelling provides some unique challenges, the way in which it changes how people relate to each other produces so many more benefits.


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  1. I think that in online learning it is essential to have a varied learning environment for the simple fact that it can be so isolating when one is faced with nothing but readings and no human contact. Even human contact in digital form is better than none at all. Blogs are especially interesting to me because it allows me a glimpse into what my classmates are thinking and many times makes me consider ideas I hadn’t conceived before.

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