Teaching Technology

The “Teaching Technologies” chapter has thus far been my favorite reading this semester.  It took me forever to read, because I kept stopping to look up the various programs that were mentioned.  Though I don’t always adopt the latest technology (I finally got a smart phone a few months ago), I love learning about various programs and platforms that can help me both professionally and personally.  I’ve discovered so many awesome things in my time at SLIS and I’m constantly sharing them with my friends who are teachers for use in their classrooms.

I’m genuinely excited for the possibility to get to use many of the programs listed at work, in an instructional way or during a presentations.  This is saying something since instruction doesn’t generally excite me. I think this is probably why I am enjoying the Learning 2.0 project so much, though.  Being able to explore the programs and help the library discover new tools that can improve their service is exciting. I’m really looking forward to read their blogs as they complete the modules.  It will also be a good example of seeing how an attempt to teach with and about technology is accepted by various types of learners.

I realize not everyone is as accepting of technology at work or in the classroom, however.  Just as an example, when we switched to using online timesheets rather than paper for our volunteers at work, there was a huge backlash despite the ease of using the program.  This chapter helped me understand what would have been a better way of introducing the new system to the volunteers, especially by including the idea of WIIFM.


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  1. It’s funny but your post reminded me of way back when they were first introducing computers into the workplace. The bookkeeper didn’t trust the computer so she kept double books until they forced her to stop. She never liked using the computer but she did eventually learn how to utilize it. I think that it’s hard sometimes to change to something new, especially when what worked before was perfectly fine for getting the job done.

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