Reflections on Teaching

After reading Chapter One in Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning, I decided to think about my weaknesses and strengths based on the instructing I’ve done.

I’ve had a few experiences with instructing through various jobs, but not all of them have been enjoyable. My experiences in my current job, especially, tended to involve teaching concepts and programs I found easy to understand to groups of people who had trouble grasping them.  Since I don’t enjoy it and I’m not really sure how successful I was, I think I will focus on those experiences since they need the most improvement.


  • I get easily frustrated when students don’t catch on as quickly as I would have.
  • I get very nervous and speak too quickly when presenting in public.
  • I don’t engage the students as much as I should.
  • If I’m not interested in the subject, I have a hard time making it interesting for the students.


  • I genuinely enjoy when I am able to help someone gain new knowledge.
  • When I feel passionately about a topic, I am able to get on my “instructional soapbox” pretty easily.
  • I do come off as approachable if the students have questions.

Reflecting on these strengths and weaknesses, I wanted to write a first draft of what I want to be as an instructor and what will eventually turn into a teaching philosophy.

I want to be a dynamic and engaging teacher.  I want to be patient with my students and better understand that everyone learns at a different speed.  I want to guide the students to gaining new knowledge, rather than lecturing them.  I want to inspire the students to find something within the topic that interests them and to explore those areas.


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  1. An honest and reflective post. I did similar when I wrote my own philosophy of teaching in LIS.

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