Mothers and Reading

Issue one: According to census data*, in 2007 there were 13.7 million single parents, 84% of which were mothers. Approximately 1/4 of children under 21 live with only one parent while the other lives away from the home. Though I haven’t seen any statistics, given that half the population is male, it’s safe to assume that many of these families are single mothers with at least one son.

Issue two: The lack of reading interesting and ability in boys is become a concern lately. Boys are falling behind in reading in many ways.

Issue three: According to the UK time diary analysis**, opposite sex parents didn’t have an affect on their children’s reading habits.

These stats leave me with several questions. Does age affect the modeling? Is there a way to change the modeling stats? Is there a difference between single mother households and two-parent households? What about lesbian households? Does format affect the statistics? How much of modeling is a conscious process and how much is unconscious? Is there a difference is mother’s actively try to engage their sons in discussions about books?


**Mullan, K. (2010). Families that read: A time-diary analysis of young people’s and parents’ reading. Journal of Research in Reading, 33(4), 414-430.


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