Final Project

I think I’m going to go with Option A for the final project. I want to work more with the topics I covered in the lit review. I’m still really interested in the parent modeling, but I’m not sure where I really want to focus. I do think more can be done with the idea of parents’ gender affecting their modeling. It also might be interesting to research if and how non-book reading is modeled. Since it does seem as if so much research is focused simply on book reading and many in the field still primarily view reading as being related to books, more research into other formats would be warranted. With a few of the studies mentioning that parents did spend time reading newspapers, magazines, and online, it seems as if there has to be some kind of effect on their children. On the other hand, I keep coming up with so many different ideas that can relate to the topic.

  • opposite gender parent modeling
  • modeling in multiple children families
  • comparisons across age groups
  • format modeling

I think I’ll have to look over the articles I have some more before I decide.


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