Lit Review Thoughts

I thought it might be helpful to outline the sections of the lit review now that I’ve have several articles and am starting the actual writing process. My broad research question is What effect does parental modeling of reading and literacy have on the reading and literacy behaviors of their children? I’ve noticed that, while there is quite a bit of research into that, it focuses primarily on small children. I was able to find information about teens, but it paled in comparison. I’m also interested in how gender affects that equation, since it seems as if the same-sex parent tends to affect the youth more. Research into opposite-sex parental reading doesn’t seem as common and could be something to look into. I want to touch on those issues in the section where I mention the areas that need more research.

Sections to cover:
Define reading/teen reading habits/socialization effects

  • Just a brief overview of what reading is, some teen reading habits, and how socialization effects those habits

Parents reading to/with youth

  • Research into parents reading to their children and it’s effect

Parents reading near youth/implied parental reading

  • Research into parents actually being readers themselves

Other forms of modeling (having books in the home)

  • Research into other ways reading can be implicitly encouraged by parents

Parent/Youth reading programs

  • An outline of a few reading programs that have been sucessful

Areas that need more research

  • The areas mentioned above.

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